What’s New With Home Décor

What’s New With Home Décor

  • Carrie Holle
  • 08/17/22

Whether looking to make your home feel a little less outdated, incorporating your style into your living space, or taking the opportunity of a recent move to decorate how you’ve always wanted, it can be challenging to know exactly where to start. When looking for luxury homes for sale in Carmel, keep in mind this list of what’s new in home décor in 2022.

Color trends for the house

Whether bold and striking or soft and calming, the trends for both these color inclinations are on the rise. If you’re going all out on an accent wall, one color to consider is olive green. Other shades of dark green are also becoming more popular, as well as terracotta pinks to go with them. There may be a deeper meaning behind these color trends — the color psychology behind the color green signals safety, with deep pinks signaling comfort — both of which wouldn’t hurt to have an abundance of in a home.

The rise in green and pink’s popularity doesn’t mean neutral color trends have gone away entirely. Pale shades are trending upwards, as they help to create a tranquil vibe. And with the outdoors becoming a more popular living area, a mix of natural hues — such as sky or ethereal blues — coupled with sandy or warm, earthy neutrals are also gaining popularity. Whether the goal is to transform luxury homes for sale in Indiana into loud and bright spaces or calm havens, trends for both routes have you covered in 2022.

Multipurpose furniture and spaces

Homeowners and design enthusiasts are growing increasingly interested in exploring how they can use each space in a home for multiple functions. Rather than remodeling or expanding a property, finding ways to incorporate different uses into a home is an approach coming to the forefront in an effort to make spaces more livable and enjoyable. Multifunctional rooms and furniture are also just simply convenient.

Some multi-purpose innovations to consider when buying Carmel real estate are rooms that can double as a dining area and home office, furniture with built-in storage, and shelf installations that can make the most of vertical storage space.

The styles gaining traction

A few styles are on the rise in 2022, perfect for a range of homeowners looking to leave behind old-style trends or liven up any unstyled rooms. Here’s a quick rundown of three newly-popular styles to incorporate into luxury homes for sale in Indiana.

Japandi Minimalism

A mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design, the Japandi style emphasizes minimalism, natural elements like plants and sunlight, and a muted palette for a clean look. Simplicity and functionality are essential, and perfect for forming a timeless feel and easy-to-navigate spaces. This simple style can also feature Japanese designs like florals, interlocking geometric patterns, and cranes.

Modern Pastoral

Though also a dip into the minimalist lifestyle, the Modern Pastoral style doesn’t embrace a fast-paced, urban feel but rather the luxury of slow, rural life. Comfort and coziness are at the forefront to cut through the hustle and bustle of work and technology. This style is perfect for those wanting to create a romantic refuge out of their living space.


This style trend is partially related to supply chain issues that made new furniture difficult to buy and ship, but the style is making a comeback on its own merits. Often, those decorating feel better about repurposing thrifted goods, and different platforms have been keen on dialing into this attitude, as places to find secondhand and vintage items are growing. Whether that be antique wall art in a room or kitchen, statement pieces of furniture, or vintage fabrics, there are several ways to incorporate this style into luxury homes for sale in Indiana.

Plants for the indoors and outdoors

Indoor and out, artificial and alive, plants are becoming more prominent in 2022 home décor. Homeowners are putting indoor plants, fake and real, into oversized pots that harken to ancient history. And alongside olive trees, money trees are another trending styling choice for indoor spaces. Bohemian planters are replacing hanging pots, as they’re more practical for maintaining plant life indoors. With a craving for the outdoors after past restrictions, it makes sense that home styles reflect wanting to reconnect with nature.

Also on the rise are maximalist garden rooms to utilize outdoor spaces year-round. Whether in the backyard or on the balcony, it’s common to pack these areas with life by incorporating bright colors, bold prints, and cozy lighting. This desire for nature is also visible in the entangled design trend, as the outdoors have become an extension of homes through a mix of landscape and hardscape.

Popular fabrics and materials

Sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular this year, as sustainability becomes a forefront issue for new and current homeowners. Sustainable options also have the potential to be more energy-efficient. Reclaimed, recycled, and ethically sourced materials will continue to rise and be incorporated into homes, which may look like buying furniture with reclaimed words, accessories with recycled glass and metal, and upcycled furniture and décor.

Materials like rattan and cane are also growing in popularity simply because they’re so versatile. Usable in a range of styles, from traditional to bohemian to modern, you can incorporate them into multiple pieces of furniture like chairs, beds, and benches. And woven materials, or softer fabrics and textures in general, are seeing a comeback. Whether knitted materials, embroidery, or chenille-like options, these materials create an opportunity to bring texture to Carmel real estate with layering techniques.

Are you ready to invest in Carmel real estate?

Now that you know all of what’s new with home décor, you’re ready to choose which style choices are right for you. Remember: decide what you like and shape styles that work with your style and needs. For help finding the home to implement these tips, contact Carrie Holle to guide you through the process.

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